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Empowering Through Education

Customized courses in GPS tracking, investigation,
and surveillance

CovertTrack is proud to be recognized as a NATIA-approved training center. In addition to our 2 week hosted Certified Technical Investigator Course, CovertTrack offers various GPS Tracking classes along with other law enforcement specialty classes. CovertTrack conducts training all over the country led by our expert instructors.

coverttrack training

Meet Our Instructors

Specialists with decades of law enforcement experience

Lead Instructor

Our Lead Instructor is retired from the Edmonton Police Service where he served for 27 years in their Specialized Support Services Section as an electronic surveillance specialist. He learned his trade through ongoing training with NATIA, NIA, RCMP and CSIS. He has been lecturing and instructing for the past 22 years in the installation and countermeasures of surreptitious electronic surveillance equipment. He is also the author of the NATIA study guide for the CTI program.

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Customer Support Manager

Our Customer Support Manager serves with 9 years experience with CovertTrack Group and 10 more years in corporate training and development.  He manages all outbound client relations for our devices and tracking platform.  Providing external training for end-users of CovertTrack Group and internal training for employees, he has trained law enforcement and inspection services throughout North America in tagging, tracking and locating.

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coverttrack training