Our Equipment

CovertTrack manufactures a variety of GPS tracking, audio surveillance, and video surveillance products. Our Stealth line of GPS trackers are manufactured in the United States and are compliant with the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act of 2019.

Surveillance Phone

Listen, View + Track – All from one device!

Introducing Surveillance Phone.
The Surveillance Cell Phone Technology from CovertTrack© provides law enforcement a high-tech surveillance tool to build cases that lead to more arrests and convictions. This technology transmits audio, video, and GPS tracking from a covert application embedded within a fully functional cell phone.

LISTEN, VIEW & TRACK – All from one device! Protect agents and confidential informants while gathering critical evidence with state-of-the-art Surveillance Cell Phone technology from CovertTrack©.


  • Listen & Record Live Ambient Audio
  • Website Integration
  • High Accuracy GPS Tracking
  • Supports Cell & WiFi Location Tracking
  • Multiple User Accessibility
  • Remote Start of Audio/Video Streaming Feature
  • Option to Use Your Own Android Phone (4.3 OS or Higher)
  • Optimized for Samsung Galaxy S Series

    Mapping Features:

    • Customer Support 24/7/365
    • SMS & Email Alert System
    • Address Reports
    • Stop Reports
    • REP Area Exclusion Zones
    • Warrant Tracking
    • Landmarks
    • Geo-Fence Alerts
    • No Software to Install
    • Secure GPS Tracking on any Computer or Mobile Device

      Pricing Plans:


      Choose this option when the application will remain on a single cell phone
      Single User Application – $1,995

      Cell Phone not included. The single-user application is for a 1-year term with 48-hour Audio/Video database storage. Up to 3 viewers at a time may view the application while in use. GPS tracking & mapping service on Additional viewers $180/year. Wireless Activation and monthly data/cell service not included. Requires Samsung Galaxy S5 and above. Annual license renewal $720.
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      Choose this option when the application will be shared among more than one cell phone
      1-User License – $3,495
      3-User License – $8,160
      5-User License – $12,850
      10-User License – $24,200

      The application can be downloaded to an unlimited number of devices. License User quantity = number of applications that can be operated concurrently. Application activation and deactivation is controlled by your Admin User through the online Command Center. Up to 5 viewers per license can view each application in use.

      License Packs are for a one year term and include 48-hour Audio/Video database storage. Application updates during the term are made available for download. It does not include a cell phone, activation, or monthly data/cell service. Requires Samsung Galaxy S5 and above.
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      Single User Application – $199.95/yr

      Cell phone, activation, and monthly data/cell service not included. Requires Samsung Galaxy S5 and above. GPS Tracking and mapping service through Includes Unlimited GPS tracking with up to 3 viewers at a time.

      Note: Pricing does not include monthly cellular service billed directly to the customer from AT&T or Verizon.