Our Equipment

CovertTrack manufactures a variety of GPS tracking, audio surveillance, and video surveillance products. Our Stealth line of GPS trackers are manufactured in the United States and are compliant with the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act of 2019.

CovertCam HD

All-in-One Video Surveillance Solution

Introducing the Verizon/AT&T CovertCamHD.
The CovertCam HD is an all in one video surveillance solution integrated into, comprised of a combination Modem/Tracker unit, multi-camera system, and accessories for easy setup and installation. It can be used for bait vehicles, hotel stings, structure surveillance, and many other situations. The high-resolution camera system offers vastly improved visual detail with up to 1080p streaming video from up to 4 camera sensors. It also supports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Forensic Capture up to 720p, ideal for scenes with very bright and very dark areas.


  • Single SIM Card Solution*
  • 4G Cellular Backhaul GPS & Internet Combined
  • 64 GB On-Board Recording Storage
  • 4 HD Full Color Low Light Sensors (Cameras)
  • 720p HD Streaming Video via Covertrack
  • 1080p Capable on High Bandwidth
  • Individual Alerts for Specific Events
  • 7 Digital Inputs + 1 Ignition Input to Sense Events
  • 5 Outputs to Control Relays
  • “On Console” Alerts for Dispatch & Control Centers
  • Web-Based Monitoring & Control
  • Hardwire kit included: relays, wires, diodes

    Mapping Features:

    • Customer Support 24/7/365
    • SMS & Email Alert System
    • Address Reports
    • Stop Reports
    • REP Area Exclusion Zones
    • Warrant Tracking
    • Landmarks
    • Geo-Fence Alerts
    • No Software to Install
    • Secure GPS Tracking on any Computer or Mobile Device


    • Transmit Protocol: TCP, UDP, SMS
    • Operating Voltage: 9-30 VDC
    • Internal Battery: 1000 mAH
    • Dimensions: 5.8 x 4.0 x 1.2 Inches

    Price Per Unit:

    • $6,995.00 (Volume discounts at 3+ and 8+)

    *Customer must provide SIM with static IP for data

    Service Plans:

    • Purchase of Unit includes 2 years of tracking and 24/7 Support