Our Equipment

CovertTrack manufactures a variety of GPS tracking, audio surveillance, and video surveillance products. Our Stealth line of GPS trackers are manufactured in the United States and are compliant with the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act of 2019.


Call + Text + Monitor Using a Covert Number

Introducing CovertCall.
The CovertCall Phone Technology from CovertTrack© provides law enforcement a high-tech surveillance tool to build cases that lead to more arrests and convictions. This technology allows undercover agents to make and receive phone calls, SMS, and plain text messages from selected covert phone numbers. All calls and messages made and received within the app are automatically recorded and can be played from the phone application or within the CovertTrack Command Center.


  • Multiple Reporting Features
  • Export for Evidence After Case Is Complete
  • Calls Are Recorded And Available After Call Ends
  • Unlimited Covert Numbers
  • Texting Available Through
  • Search Covert Numbers Based On Area Code
  • Live View To Monitor Activity in Real-Time
  • Option to Use Your Own Android Phone (4.3 OS or Higher)
  • Optimized for Samsung Galaxy S Series
  • Customer Support 24/7/365

        Pricing Plans:

        • $1995.00
          • Includes Unlimited Phone Numbers + 10,000 Credits + Unlimited App Installs + CovertCall License (1 Year) + 24/7 Support)