Time is running out!

AT&T has committed to keeping the 3G service available until 2/1/2022. Eventually, all 3G devices will require replacement. CovertTrack will continue to alert customers when we receive notification from AT&T of any further changes or areas affected. Devices include Stealth II, III, IV, Recon II, UltraTracker HSPA, MicroTracker 4 HSPA, and ToughTrack.

Verizon 3G turndown is expected on 1/1/2023, but as with AT&T, Verizon has tower partners that may choose to turndown select areas before this date. Devices include Stealth III, Stealth III Advance, UltraTracker VZ, MicroTracker 4 VZ, and ProFleet LE.

Contact your CovertTrack representative for more information.

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