CovertTrack & SHOTOVER Announces System Integration

CovertTrack & SHOTOVER Announces System Integration

CovertTrack Real-time Location Data Integrated into SHOTOVER Navigation Platform for Enhanced Investigative Support

Malvern, PA, February 28, 2022: CovertTrack, a 3SI company, today announced its partnership with SHOTOVER. The partnership will enable location data from CovertTrack devices to be available within the SHOTOVER navigation platform, enhancing the information available to support event response.

Integrating these technologies allows SHOTOVER customers to pinpoint tracked vehicle or asset locations in real-time while maintaining access to augmented reality mapping and other features.

“We look forward to maximizing the possibilities this partnership brings,” said Jeff Evert, CoverTrack’s Western Division VP. “This integration will allow customers from both companies to leverage the latest technology to take their investigative ability to the next level.

Ivan Woehr, Senior Software Engineer / Product Manager for SHOTOVER, said, “We are excited to collaborate with CovertTrack. The integration of our best-in-class technologies will provide greater insights to our clients by combining rich location and communication data. The impact will be significant.”

About CovertTrack and 3SI Security Systems
CovertTrack is a recognized leader in technical surveillance equipment. We create innovative, specialized tools for GPS tracking, bait vehicles, audio surveillance, and video surveillance. For nearly 15 years, CovertTrack has partnered with government organizations and police agencies across the U.S. to enable effective and secure covert investigations. In 2019, CovertTrack was acquired by 3SI Security Systems. 3SI provides advanced security solutions, supported by local law enforcement, to thousands of financial institutions and retailers worldwide. Together, the companies provide tactical solutions to enable secure, covert investigations to thousands of satisfied customers.

SHOTOVER is a leading developer of high-performance camera systems, real-time augmented reality software and mission management solutions for a wide range of markets including public safety, defense and homeland security. The company’s product range offers users a seamless end-to-end solution while delivering an unprecedented level of control, versatility and ease-of-use in a compact package backed by world-class service and support. SHOTOVER is online as

3SI Contact:
Lisa Moughan
Director of Marketing
3SI Security Systems

SHOTOVER Media Contact:
Marina Bashneva, Shotover Systems


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