Meet ESOpro™

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CovertTrack’s newest line of trackers, ESOpro™ , are designed to support all types of technical investigations. Available in multiple vessel options, the trackers use the most up-to-date technology, including:

  • 4G technology
  • GNSS, WiFi, and RF technology for superior location tracking
  • Chirp and bluetooth functionaltity
  • Customizable settings, including sleep timers, report intervals, tracking data storage, and more.

Vessel options include:

  • ESOpro™  Cash – to protect cash in retail locations and during drug buys or similar sting operations
  • ESOpro™  Pharma – to blend with other pharmaceutical products
  • ESOpro™  HC and SC – two generic packaging options that can easily be hidden with other assets.
Coming Soon!
The newest addition to the ESOpro Trackers:
  • ESOpro™   LS a generic packaging that can easily be hidden with other assets. It has the standard ESOpro features plus enhanced capabilities such as a light sensor and trip wire functions.

Contact your CovertTrack representative for more information.

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