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Pet Tracking Systems

The global positioning system is the most advanced navigation system in the world. Not only does it offer precise navigation, it also allows assets to be tracked.

While navigation can get you from point A to point B, tracking is monitoring this movement. A GPS tracking device has its position known at all times, thanks to the global positioning system. Its location can be monitored and when placed over a real-time map, its movements, including previous destinations, can be analyzed. With the global navigation system, inclement weather is not an issue. Even in bad weather, a GPS tracking device will be able to provide its exact location.

A GPS tracker can be attached to an asset so the location of the asset is always known. Assets include anything of value, from expensive cargo and vehicles to priceless people and pets. A common use of the GPS tracking technology is for pet tracking systems.

How GPS Pet Tracking Systems Work

GPS trackers work by determining their location based on a fixed reference point. The satellites orbiting above Earth are the fixed reference points. Although they are in orbit, their path is predictable. Using a simple mathematic equation, the exact location of each satellite is known at all times.

The satellites send signals to the GPS pet tracking systems. Included in this transmission is the time the message was sent, provided by the highly accurate atomic clocks located on each satellite. The GPS pet tracking systems calculate the difference between the time sent and the time the message was received. Based on this difference and the location of the satellites in orbit, a GPS tracker can determine its location.

While only 3 satellites are needed to determine the location of pet tracking systems, 4 satellites are used. When 3 satellites intercept at a single point, the fourth one will not. The pet tracking systems identify this discrepancy and make the appropriate adjustments to get all 4 to intercept. This accounts for the speed of light, which is the speed the messages are sent from the satellites. This explains why GPS pet tracking systems are so accurate.

Uses for Pet Tracking Systems

Pet tracking systems consist of a small, portable GPS tracker attached to the pet's collar. The owner can monitor the pet's location and movements, usually by using web-based computer software. From their home computer or smart phone, they can keep track of their pet. These pet tracking systems allow for quick recovery should a pet get lost.

Pet tracking systems have also been used by researchers to study the migration patterns and activities of wild animals.

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