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GPS for Law Enforcement Applications

Thanks to the Global Positioning System global positioning system, law enforcement officials across the country have access to the technology they need to keep us safe and secure. GPS law enforcement tracking is becoming a key component in the fight against crime.

Surveillance: One of the GPS for Law Enforcement Applications

Thanks to GPS law enforcement applications, the efforts of our resources have been maximized. GPS Tracking takes fewer resources than a rotating team of patrols tracking an asset. While in the past an asset was tracked by a law enforcement officer, they are now tracked by the global positioning system. More than one asset can be monitored around the clock with one person reviewing the data, instead of an entire team.

Cases Solved Thanks to GPS for Law Enforcement Applications

There have been cases across the country solved thanks to GPS for law enforcement applications.

For instance, one rape suspect was monitored with a GPS tracker. The GPS tracker showed his position matched that of a rape. He was taken off the streets, prevented from harming anyone else again.

Another case involved burglary. Suspected burglars were monitored and found in the midst of a robbery, thanks to GPS law enforcement tracking.

Homicides, rapes, burglaries and more have been stopped, prevented or accurately attributed to criminals thanks to GPS for law enforcement applications.

Parolees and Probationers Monitored at Lower Cost to the Public

With GPS for law enforcement applications, parolees and probationers can be accurately monitored to ensure the safety of the public. While in the past, without GPS trackers, the system relied on the honesty of the ex-criminal to check in at specific times, the system now can rely on the accuracy of GPS Tracking.

This use of the GPS tracker results in a lower cost for the public's safety and a more secure community.

GPS for Law Enforcement Coordination

Not only are GPS trackers used for monitoring assets, they are also used to coordinate the efforts of law enforcement teams. By using GPS tracking technology, law enforcement teams can track where their troops are at all times, enabling them to dispatch those closest to the scene, quickly and efficiently.

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